PDF Annotations


Right now it is not possible to make annotations on PDFs, only on websites.

That would indeed be interesting. What are you thinking about in that area?
A tool like Polar (with js in it) is very useful… but having the web/pdf annotations would be ideal…

We already have the open PR for a while but needs still some work: https://github.com/WorldBrain/Memex/pull/822

Essentially enabling you to have the same capabilities of the web annotations also for PDFs you view online. But good is that the ID’ing of PDFs happen with a fingerprint of the file, so annotations that are made in Memex could be also viewed in Polar - given an integration between both tools.

Yes, that’s a very good option. I think researchers (of which I am one) and students and journalists are looking forward to it. Being able to filter a mass of information and various annotations is a vital need.


I’d love to see the ability to read, annotate and search locally stored ebooks (epub, mobi, azw, etc…) as well.


In beta feature… arriving soon i think

Yes we have an eager contributor working on it :slight_smile:


Do you have any idea when we can test this?

We just finished the refactoring of the sidebar that would be injected into the PDF viewer. So hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks!


Quick update:

We will finish the massive task of the sidebar refactor which has taken way longer than we expected.
The PDF annotations are already 80-90% done so hopefully it will not take as much time anymore now.

Very excited!



Any news about that ?

We got a big step further by prototyping the pdf implementation and it seems to work well. Annotations anchor and can be made with a full-featured PDF viewer.

Now the next blocker is that we need to figure out how to adapt the data model and sync properly.

We have parked the full implementation a bit though to not distract the work on the sharing/following features we got the main funding for and some other work that needs to happen before we can tackle the final implementation of the PDF annotations.

We’re on it.


Awesome! Can’t wait! :raised_hands:

Hi! Are there any updates re: PDF annotations?

Hmmm, they must have met a bigger-than-expected bump in the road. I’m also eagerly looking forward to PDF annotations :pray:

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Same here! Eagerly waiting for PDF annotations! :sparkles:

Yeah some other priorities…buuuut!


I am getting really giddy right now :)

PDF Annotations for @worldbrain are almost ready for beta release!

(highlight colour was a bit cut out by the screen capture) pic.twitter.com/6fquc5WUTn

— Oliver Sauter (@BlackForestBoi) February 15, 2021

How can i use this function ?

NOW you can :slight_smile:

Update to 2.14.0 and you’ll be able to use PDF annotations.
It’s a first version that we felt comfortable enough sharing even though there are still some bugs and a lot to improve.

Consider checking the section "known issues"
We’re happy about any feedback you want to leave here.
Here are some instructions on how to start using it: https://worldbrain.io/tutorial/pdf-annotations


Great news ! This is an important first step to really be able to use Memex Worldbrain for work… at least when we will be able to work on PDFs locally, which I think is the most frequent use for students, researchers, journalists, etc…
We’re looking forward to the stabilization of the tool! Good luck and long life!