Nested Bookmark Organizer Like a File system


Right now there is only one level of folders.
To flexibly structure your knowledge subfolders are necessary.
This would allow to:

  • Have nested bookmarking structures
  • Import existing bookmarking structure from other apps and the browers’ bookmarks.

Would love to see this. Tags are great but hierarchical taxonomies allow us to take overwhelming numbers of tags and divide them into understandable buckets.


Yeah its on our roadmap for quite a while now.
I would love to see it too. So many use cases it would open up.

It’s very likely that it will come as part of the work around sharing, since that needs more than just a one-level list of collections.

Would love to have you in a call and explore your sharing and organisational use cases.
If you’re down you can jump on a call with me here:


Would also love to see this - one level is simply unusable for me. I’d want to see at least 3 levels, if not 5+/unlimited.

Edit: I see this is also “Up Next” in the roadmap… Great!


I also look forward to seeing different levels of Collections and whether this realizes now?

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I am really not sure why isn’t this so obviously needed nesting for Collections already implemented? Right now this bookmark app isn’t fun to use.