Accents and special characters in the plugin spaces field

Accents are not recognized in the plugin spaces field (alt+c). If I have a “sécurité” space:

  • it will not be found with “séc”
  • it will be found with “sec”
    Comparing in ASCII (or whatever accent-agnostic way) is fine, but it should also be applied to the input field (preferably), or not at all (else).

Special characters like ‘/’ or ‘.’ seem to work in a different way. I use ‘/’ to simulate hierarchies, so with a “abc/def” space:

  • it will be found with “abc”
  • it will not be found with “abc/”
  • it will be found with “def” (I could not find any description of this behavior with special characters, not sure if it is actually a bug, middle characters are not found in the general case)
    This keeps me from really benefiting from the hierarchy. No idea if the nested feature ( Nested Bookmark Organizer Like a File system ) is in progress for spaces, but ideally I would like to filter-navigate the hierarchy by writing it and tabbing, pretty much like a file system in a console.

Hey @EmmanuelPont!

Thanks for taking the time to go in describing the problem in such detail.
We are already aware of it and it is actually a high priority fix that will go out with the next bigger feature release.

The next roadmap steps will also make it easier to organise things overall.

Already working on the ability to add annotations to different Spaces, so you can make different annotations on the same page for different contexts and people.
As part of that, or shortly after, the fix for character limitations and search problems will go live.

Up next is the unification of tags into the new Spaces that will make the organisation of content in Memex simpler and also more flexible, e.g. because you can rename Spaces, which you couldn’t do with tags. Spaces, like tags now, will have n-n relationships to pages and annotations.
Here you can read up on all the changes this will bring.

I’ll let you know in this thread when the original bug is fixed!
Good start into the week.

Thank you for the quick answer ! Are nested spaces in the roadmap ?

Btw, I’ve been thinking and writing about knowledge management a lot these days, if you are interested I can send a big mail with my ideas on your mission/user research

I second the importance of nested spaces. Have created a separate feature request for this…

Yeah this is soon going to be possible by adding pages to multiple spaces, and also being able to filter by that. Meaning you can then open one space and filter by the ones you are looking for.
I know it’s not ideal though. Better would be that you have that nesting in the sidebar.

Hope we can improve on that soon.
First we want to get the base collaboration features working well, and from there go back to improving the core UX. This would be one of those areas of work.