What are the things we HAVE to improve on Memex?

What are the things we can improve to make Memex a better tool?
Any grave bugs?
Features that would make Memex 10X better for you?

Backup options - I recently had to switch my computer and had some difficulties backing up Memex data from my browser. Google Drive option didn’t work for some weird reason and the separate app installation for the offline download was very confusing and that too didn’t work at the end. Luckily I didn’t had to switch my computer at last and saved my day.

Hey @sakthi

Ah that is a bummer that it didn’t work. Can you tell me a bit more about that? At which step didn’t it work and where did confusion come up?

What options would you like to see?

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Cloud backup: The extension says “FINISHED: YOUR BACKUP WAS SUCCESSFUL” but I couldn’t find any related files in my Google Drive. It would be helpful if the extension shows were in my Google Drive the backup is located, etc, so that I can be confident about the backup. Right now I’m not so sure where the backup went.

Local backup: Local backup is stuck at the “Download Memex’ Backup App to continue.” popup, even after installing the Mac app and selecting a backup folder. Clicking on “I’m ready” doesn’t do anything.

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Thanks for providing more context. Also a warm welcome to the community. :heart::wave:t4:

For the Google Drive case:
The reason you can’t access that data is because we decided that we put the Memex data into a hidden folder. We did that because we wanted to prvent other apps having access to your Google Drive could snatch up your browser history. I see though that it would make sense to give a choice here.

For the Local Backup case:
Which browser do you use?
We had the troubles sometimes that the localhost port where the API lives to communicate with Memex is blocked by Firefox.

I use Chrome.

Thanks for explaining the Google Drive case! I’m good with backing up to a hidden folder. I just wish it was mentioned somewhere near that option or in a FAQ.

Also thanks for this amazing tool! I browse a tonne of websites on various topics often and Memex really helps me in finding back those websites whenever I need them.

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Good point will add this to the FAQs in this forum. :slight_smile:

Also thanks for this amazing tool! I browse a tonne of websites on various topics often and Memex really helps me in finding back those websites whenever I need them.

Thanks so much for the support. Looking forward making Memex even better for you.

As for the backup issues: I have some investigation to do and will return here for info when we figured out more.

Hi, I use Memex only for bookmarking (I have automatic indexing disabled) and this bug is annoying as hell for me: https://github.com/WorldBrain/Memex/issues/731

Basically any page must be starred to be visible in collection or under tag. I am highlighting it here because there is no status update since February and it is definitely thing which have to be improved. :wink:

@BlackForestBoi could you add it to this FAQ since this is the help page linked from from in app https://www.notion.so/worldbrain/Backup-locally-to-any-cloud-provider-7dacad9e95b44c5db681033fc264fb59

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Sync between browsers and machines. I love the decentralised basis of Memex, but I use two desktop machines and three mobile devices with four different web browsers. It has to sync between all of them otherwise it is useless to me. Memex is absolutely brilliant in conception and I really want to make core to my knowledge management, but without sync across browsers and devices I can’t use it.

Yeah sync would be fantastic. Unfortunately we are currently missing resources to build all that, although from a sync perspective lots of work is already done.

We are steering towards profitability, then developing those things become more easy.

It should be super easy to store in your computer what you annotate from the Web. Like a Memex.

I would love to have the possibility of storing the annotations in markdown, directly in my hard drive. Then can find out ways to index and search it. :slight_smile:

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