Video seek to timestamp, instead of opening in new tab

The new Youtube video timestamp inserter is a wonderful addition! An invaluable amount of data can be found on video streaming platforms and having a way to attach notes to an instant of a video stream is a big step forward.
When coming back to those annotated timestamps, it would be much more convenient if the video player could be moved to that timestamp - seek to that timestamp - instead of opening a new tab for each annotation on a particular video. It should probably be doable (though I lack expertise) to wind or rewind the video to the timestamp in the URL of the note, whenever we’re already on the page of the video…

Fully agree here. We already figured out its possible and how to do it, we just have to find the time to do it. Definitely one of the higher prio UX improvements on our list.


Yi-note has already implemented this feat, so maybe you can do it faster and easier :slight_smile:

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