Upgrade not working

Hi all,

I decided to upgrade to the pro subscription today. From the beginning I had issues even to do the upgrade. On some pages, clicking on upgrade won’t work. I saw the popup briefly show up loading and disappeared immediately. But through settings -> my Account -> Account info I was finally able to choose a subscription.
Although I have an active subscription, I can’t use any of the pro features. When I click on “Sync Status” in the dashboard, I get the subscription dialog (Upgrade to … Monthly - Yearly).

Please look into it. Thanks


Facing the same issue after subscribing to monthly plan.

I just changed a setting in our payment provider, it should work now. Can you refresh the page and see if you can upgrade now?

Yes, looks good now. Thanks for the quick fix.

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I am having issues with the Pro account. I had purchased one back in Oct 2019 and it states I had a $40 credit. However, when I log in, it states I am not Pro and need to upgrade. So I do so even though I should already have a Pro account. Now in the account status, I have been debited $10 for a Pro subscription due to the coupon code I received.

Now according to my Account status I have TWO Pro accounts that I am being billed for and I still do not have any Pro account to use.

I have tried to set up a mobile sync, however, the account states I still do not have a Pro account.

1.) Can this be fixed so that I am back in my original state, where I have $40 credit and ONLY 1 Pro account, which should still be active?


Hey @bluerhino

Sorry for completely overlooking this message.
I just deleted the second subscription and gave you back 10 bucks that you can use for other upgrades too.