Thoughts on Text-Fragments

Chrome is trying to push a new proposal called Text Fragments. It is essentially a way to deep-link to text on a page, natively highlighting the text:

They have their own extension to create text-fragment links.

If these catch on / stay supported, having memex generate the links would be neat. Note that they’re currently only supported in Chrome, however.

Text fragments are a great way to make it interoperable with the web to create those links.
They are however a bit limited in terms of precision, since not a lot of anchors can be specified, and only cross-browser if all browser implement them indeed.

We had a “direct linking” feature enabled at some point, but have since scaled down our features a bit to make memex more maintainable with the little manpower we have.

Linking to highlights and notes is an awesome feature that we want to tackle again soon with the work on the sharing features.