The tool does not feels welcome for users inputting Chinese or Japanese

1) Which browser, operating system and versions of those are you using?
I am using Mac OSX and chrome—but—I believe this is a general issue for any user like me who reads and writes in Chinese, or Japanese.

2) What are the steps you took that lead to the bug?
Whenever I attempted to comment in Chinese (either simplified or traditional Chinese), the comment or input field can not let me type a single character. Instead, it cuts off the Pinyin (for spelling a Chinese input) or the hiragana (for Japanese input) into letters. That said, I must use English, which is okay with me but can be a huge barrier for Chinese or Japanese speaker. I took screenshots to show how it looked like when I typed my mother language.

P.S. Also when I typed in English, the input field seems not very tolerance for revision in retrospect. For example, if I want to delete a word composed of 4 letters, I would have to click with my cursor for four times as my cursor keep running to the end of a paragraph. ;D…

Thanks in advance.

Thanks Hannah for this extensive bug report.
This bug is fixed with 2.2, and should be released to Chrome very shortly. It’s already in review.

As of supporting your mother language better, we unfortunately right now don’t have the resources to fix this, and other priorities.
There were already a few requests made and I hope we can change this situation soon.

Sorry :frowning:

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I understand that to polish a product you have to focus on a few priorities at a time. Best wishes to your work! :wink:

Good news: You can now use Chinese characters in the comment boxes!