The server-side code should remain open-source

Changing the license to ‘PolyForm Noncommercial License 1.0.0’ is fair enough if it helps prevent a business from simply monetising your work. But why then also close source your cloud, sync and collaboration infrastructure?

I can’t see a valid justification here because the license change should be sufficient to prevent copycats, it just looks like a way to lock-in users. It’s not like users can instead self-host their own private collaboration group (especially important since user content isn’t encrypted!) for example, so there is de facto lock-in.

I’ve lost all faith in this company since the last bait-and-switch where Memex went from a way to annotate all your web history to instead just some social collaboration platform like Hypothesis. I held out some hope it’d change course, but it seems this has become a walled garden social network like so many others.