Template exports not working

To get your bug fixed faster please try to answer the following questions:

  1. Which browser, operating system and versions of those are you using?
  1. Which version of Memex are you running?
  • bleeding edge
  1. What are the steps you took that lead to the bug?
  • exact steps in the notion doc’s:
  1. grab a link
  2. select the copy/paste templates button
  3. create new template
    a. named: test
    b. contents: {{{title}}}
  4. save that template
  5. select that template to get output to clipboard
  6. no success message, the interface flickers a bit and nothing is added to clipboard.

used multiple template variables, and nothing works on either browser :slight_smile:

Just use {{{PageTitle}}}. title was an earlier version. Forgot to update the docs.

Sorry for wasting your time.

well {{{title}}} wasnt the only thing i used, i used other variables too and even now just tried {{{PageTitle}}} and the issue persists :frowning:

When you say “grab a link”, where do you grab it?

Asking this question I realise what you do. You didn’t save the page yet, that’s why.
Will fix this up, that you can also do this when not having saved the page yet.

But in the mean time just “heart” the page before you do that copy pasting then it should work.

ahh yes, i didnt sync it to the local file system yet.

the heart didn’t effect it, but when i manually backed it up, that is what finally did it. thank you!

I am still confused a little.

When you say “Didn’t sync to local file system yet” and “when I manually backed it up” - What do you mean? What did you do?

The heart may take a few seconds to kick in since it is indexing the page first. So it may not have been available at that time.

The bookmarks were imports from raindrop.io and already had a heart next to them.
the template feature wasn’t working until i selected manual backup:


the template feature wasn’t working until i selected manual backup:

Whut?! That does not make any sense (not on your side but i have to investigate this) :smiley:
When you say they were not working, didn’t any templates appear in the list or you could not see the button for copy pasting things?

everything was as it was supposed to be, the only difference between my actions and the Gif in the Doc’s was that when i clicked to use my template on a link i didn’t see the name of the template change to “copied to clipboard” and the clipboard buffer has nothing in it

Hey Bryan,
Good to see you. As far as I know copied to clipboard does not appear, but it does get copied (This is on Vivaldi).


I think we found the root issue and our about to fix it.

@V_Keerthi_Vikram: When you press the copy-to-clipboard button on a template name, it does not switch to “copied” but does?