Syncing Notes with Knowledge Garden Tools

Hey everyone,
Do we have any Roam Research / Tana / Obsidian / Capacities users here?

I am looking for a way to automatically add my Memex saves to the notetaking tool I use, Capacities (

I want every webpage I have highlights on to have a respective page on Capacities with any highlights and notes appearing as quotes and text within that page.

Are there any existing tools/syncing capabilities that can do this? If nothing exists, can someone point me in the direction where I can find resources to build this myself?

Thank you

Okay I just found this: Obsidian and Logseq Sync

But this doesn’t seem to extend to other note-taking and knowledge garden apps like Notion and Capacities. Is there a way to do this using third-party apps like Zapier or IFTTT?