Sync between different browsers on same computer

To get your bug fixed faster please try to answer the following questions:

  1. Which browser, operating system and versions of those are you using?

Brave 1.7.98 and Chrome 83.0.41* on MacOS 10.14.5

  1. What are the steps you took that lead to the bug?
  • Install Memex extension in both browsers
  • Log into Memex in both browsers
  • (Monthly subscription active.)
  • Use Brave to browse web and make annotations.
  • Switch to Chrome and check Dashboard/Pages: the activities from Brave do not show up
  • Hit sync in Brave, then hit sync in Chrome. It does not make a difference.

Expectation: If logged into Memex in a browser on any device/computer I’d expect “Memex content” to show up.
If that should not be possible since “Memex content” is not stored in the cloud but locally on a computer, I’d at least expect it to be available across browsers on the same computer.

I’m using different browsers on the same computer all the time. There are several reasons for that, eg. some websites are optimized for certain browsers, some browsers allow to blog tracking/apps more easily.

And over a longer period of time browsers might evolve in the wrong direction so I want to be able to move on/switch w/o losing “Memex content”, e.g. first Safari was great on the Mac, then Chrome was the best browser, then Brave was less resource hungry, now Firefox is making promising progress and I might switch yet again…

Hey Ralf

unfortunately computer2computer sync does not work yet.
We hope to be able to provide this soon, as the base technology is already there.
It’s now a matter of implementing the UI for it.

We are doing a round of prioritisation this week and this feature will definitely be taken into account there.
Thanks for reporting this.


Thanks for the info!
Looking fwd to this and thus will keep the subscription on for now :wink:

Hey @ralfw

I moved this to the “feature request” section.

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Last post about this was in June. Has this been implemented yet?

I just made another post suggesting that all new features should be put on hold until sync is available between multiple browsers and devices.

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It is super high on our roadmap. We are currently trying to raise money to build those.

The funding we just received by “Grant for the Web” are only for the sharing and collaboration features.

I need this feature too – like everybody else, I’m migrating from Chrome to Brave. I imported extensions which brought the memex extension over. Actually, I must have had memex previously installed in Brave, because I have a small collection in that browser already!

So my current situation:

  • Large memex collection in a Chrome profile, which is also “signed on” to my account.
  • Small collection in Brave. It has a button to sign on, so I guess I’m not logged on.
  • No backups have been performed, and no sync has happened with any device.
  • My goal is to merge the two collections together, login from brave, and start primarily using Brave.

I know this feature isn’t “implemented”, but if it comes down to merging json files / meddling with DB files, there must be a way? Like, exporting the small collection in brave to an html file and then importinig it as an html file? I don’t have extensive annotations, I think it’s just bookmarks.

I suppose there’s always copy / paste, one link at a time… sigh.

Anyway, it’s a pretty big problem (and the product doesn’t warn you about it). Once your bookmarks are in a browser, they can’t be merged or sync’d with another browser. So unless you use 1 browser, which is close to 0% of the population, you have to be very careful about using memex!