Support to Highlight and maintain link to the highlights in Web based reference manager such as Readcube paper

I am using Readcube paper as a reference manager, which is a web-based app. I am trying to Memex to highlight the text on a research paper, and it does work well, but once I refresh the page the highlights are lost from the screen. The highlights are still seen in the sidebar, but when I click on it, it doesn’t take me to the original highlight text. So can you make it compatible with web-based reference manager such as Readcube paper? Thanks

This is implemented albeit still has some buggyness to it.

  • Don’t try to change the sidebar width, it will get stuck with your mouse movement
  • The highlights themselves render a bit weirdly when they are active, so just click somewhere in the doc once it scrolled to it.
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It’s working as expected. Thank you so much