Support the concept of bookmark titles

As I switch between computers, Memex collects bookmarks that I’ve made in each browser into my search DB. Which is great! BUT, I just wrapped my head around the fact that Memex does not save, display, or index the title field of bookmarks! Because I have been using Memex as my central archive of bookmarks, this means I have lost a number of titles that had been manually overwritten. The information is just lost. :sob::-1:

It has taken me years to put my finger on this, but bookmark titles (which default to the HTML page title, but are editable) are quite useful to me. Probably 75% of the time I bookmark something, the page title is missing words that I want to associate with the URL for search purposes. So, I overwrite the title field with my own quick description of the page. It is also true, when saving directly in Memex, more often that not I have to create a note to explain the entry… and the flow for that is not really optimal.

Here’s an example I just noticed. I recently bookmarked a page on the Mullvad VPN site. The page title which appears prominently in Memex is “We value open source - Guides | Mullvad VPN”. Why would I bookmark that?? Oh, right… the page has a link to each developer’s signing key, which is something I’ve had to search for repeatedly. Indeed I saved the bookmark title as “mullvad signing keys”. But this is not visible in Memex.

I realize that adding fully-baked support for bookmark title into Memex might be a tall order. Also the existing “title” field is always populated with the page title, a separate thing and potentially useful for search purposes. So I wonder… when importing a bookmark, perhaps Memex could save the bookmark title as a note?

After writing this I realized: detecting bookmarks which have manually entered titles (and thus should have a note attached) may not be reliable, if the html page that Memex receives for a URL does not match the title the browser had when it bookmarked. Still, it is such a shame to lose that data. Personally I would be happier if Memex only ignored the bookmark title (and did not create a note to preserve it) when it is string equivalent to the page title.


That should be possible. Will put it up as things to fix as soon as we get to it.
Pretty sure we can make this retroactively possible too.

Also, just the basic ability to change a bookmarked title within the Memex dashboard would be great to have.