selectable colors for highlighed text

It would be good if the color of the highlighted text could be changed so that the highlights represent different contexts.

In Adobe Reader i use yellow for central statements, red for important quotations, green for examples and blue for definitions. In my opinion, it makes sense to have something like this in Memex.

A competing product, LINER has this. It was one of the features that made me take so long (about a year after I discovered Worlbrain) to start using Memex.

I’d very much appreciate even if the default color would be different. When reviewing annotations from the Dashboard, it’s quite hard to read gray on green… It’s kind of a small thing, but looking at annotations is a crucial step for grasping the big picture about a topic, and it’s quite hard when you have problems with reading the text.

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Totally makes sense. Will factor this into the next release.

-Totally agree. Or reading this:

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Already on the map! Will be fixed in the next sprint.

Thanks for the note.


Just adding a comment (and vote) to say I’d like to see this implemented. I would use multiple highlight colors to differentiate between different types of information. Way quicker and works with my brain over highlighting and then tagging, which is a clumsy workaround.

Love the product, keep up the great work!

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Any update on this request? I seems like it didn’t make it into the sprint that @BlackForestBoi mentioned.

I’d also link these colors to different categories of text-analysis. in techniques on close-reading the following half a dozen categories are the bare minimum helping you make sense of a text:

once you have the highlights hooked to basic categories like “incomprehensible”, “major thesis” asf. you can beautifully visualize the impact of a text on its readers.

go memex!

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Thanks folks for all the input here.

Not having on the radar yet to build it. Currently occupied to release the chunks of work for co-curating and co-annotating collections, then cloud support for multi-device sync.

@MikeK Sorry I could have been clearer. What I meant was on the map for the next sprint was to fix the highlights in dark mode not changing the text colour, rendering them almost unreadable.

New blue is nice, more colours like purple red and non-eye piercing green etc. would be great
Also the ability to unhighlight.

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Hope to have more color to be selected.I perfer yellow

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Also, the ability to add Labels/Names to the Highlight Color would be a huge game-changer. An example of this is Super Simple Highlighter and their highlight ‘styles’.