Search no longer works against all visted pages

I’ve been watching this page since the 2.5 release to see when this will be fixed:

I’m a paid user, and using the full-text search on the history of my visited pages is my primary use-case for Memex. I was incredibly disappointed to see this was taken away without warning (I’d have disabled updates had I known). It seems that taking the feature away for existing users was a bug, but based on today’s update in the link above, that bug won’t be fixed now?

Can we have some clarification on this?

Please confirm, in the initial Notion comment the fix for this bug is:

- Show the indexing settings again, but only for users that installed before Wednesday last week. 
- Write post about our decision to shut this feature down. 

But later updates seem to focus on a notification being the bug fix? Can we have some clarification on this?

In tests we just discovered that other’s don’t experience this bug. We need to dig deeper here.

Did you at some point change those settings manually? Any of the ones that were there.

We had a meeting also yesterday and we decided that the notification is what we offer to explain, and some instructions on how to set up an extension from an old version and port the data, in case you REALLY want to keep it. But we’re definitely for the time being don’t enable users to enable it again.

We realised although it’s a valuable feature, it’s not solving a super frequent and painful problem for users. Therefore having this feature as our product guiding direction is not a good idea.
We spent an unreasonable amount of time building the search, and the features around it. It also increased development time of other features by 30-50% because of interdependencies with search and the amount of data it produced (e.g. sync, backup, (search) performance, toll on overall performance of computer).
And we’re just 2.5 devs. We were way too idealistic with this feature on a technical level.

We are in a situation where we need to find a way to become economically sustainable, or otherwise this project may not exist in a year or 2 anymore. The history search was our biggest blocker to get there.

I hope you understand this decision. I too hope that we will have the resources to add it back at a later point, as I see a lot of value in it, when serving other use cases like better integrations with other apps, or sharing/collaborating with peers.

I did not change any of my settings.

Have you considered making this a beta feature, instead of scrapping it completely, and allowing pioneer plan subscribers to pay for it?

No because we then need to support 2 different product tracks, while the problems still persist.
Actually it would make it worse because we have to develop new features now with 2 more configurations in mind.

We currently don’t have the resources for it. :frowning:
Super sorry that we scrap a feature you like so much.