Reviving the undead: Search via browser address bar & reload dashboard with filter states (version 3.3.31)

Glad to see this feature is back - there was some definite disappointment from users when it was removed.

Given that the feature was around when Memex was… LOCAL only… (and I still prefer that), and now you’ve hooked it up to your “Cloud” - will the search be tied only to local browsing data or if you’ve logged into multiple computers with Memex the contents will actually be sent to the cloud to search across all your browsing history with Memex installed?

The search in either case only happens local.
The sync and backup just make sure that the stuff saved on any of your devices is available on others too.

Just FYI we don’t have the browsing history search anymore for quite some time now. You can search across all pages you bookmarked though!