Restoring data after Chrome re install

I un installed and re installed Chrome and now there is no data, no saved spaces in Memex. How do I restore this, I didn’t back up locally,didn’t know it could be done.
Browser: Version 109.0.5414.75 (Official Build) (64-bit), Windows 10 Home
Version of Memex: I looked but can’t find.
Steps: un installed an re installed Memex.

Additional question: months ago I clicked on Migrate to Cloud but nothing happened, can this be done? I sent an email but no answer.

Hey Frank!

oh hopefully I can help you there. I checked with the email you signed up here if there is data in the cloud backup, but no :frowning:

What happened back then when you clicked on “migrate to cloud”?
Do you have any system level backups? Something akin to the Mac time machine?

I can’t quite recall what happened but it didn’t migrate to cloud. So now I lost many months of saved articles, I might as well delete the app, no sense starting over again. Thanks.