Restoring an old backup

Hello, I formatted my PC and I would like to restore my last backup of memex how can I do that?

Hey Saleheddine,

did you ever do the jump to the new cloud in the past 1.5 years?
If not, things will get tricky, if yes you just need to install a new extension and log in to your account.

I did not . regarding restoring the data from the cloud, it only works if you have Memex running on another device, or do you store a copy of the data on your servers? and is the Sync feature end-to-end encrypted?

It only works if you did the migration to the cloud. It has been showing a notification on the dashboard since last year that you have to do that or you may run risk of losing your data in such cases of formatting your computer :frowning:

Do you have a time machine backup or something like that, then you may be able to restore your data.

No the sync is so far not end2end encrypted.

No I did not, I started using Memex because it was an open source and a local first application and when the sync feature was released last year it was announced that it would be closed source. I only have a copy of the local backup of memex from before formatting my PC

Can you please clarify the exact function of the sync feature? Is it a tool that only synchronize data directly between devices without storing a copy on your server (in other words to restore that data in a case similar to mine the sync tool copy the data from my phone back to the my PC)? or does it synchronize the data with your servers from which the data is restored? Are there any plans to make it end2end encrypted?


sorry to disappoint you. We do store that data for the sync on our servers unencrypted.
We had an e2e encryption in earlier iterations but it proved to be very difficult to maintain and iterate on as an early product with limited resources - almost breaking the company.

Also since we now also offer collaboration features it makes the problem 10x harder.
We do however operate as a Public Benefit Corporation and have an investment model that aims to remove the pressure for us to become extractive (e.g. by means of running privacy violating business models). Memex Investment Model Explained - Descript

We hope that with time we’ll be able to introduce more privacy conscious features to Memex but for the time being it will not have encryption, sorry.