Readwise export is in html-format

I’m using Readwise to sync my Memex highlights with logseq. It was working fine for the last month. The highlight appeared as plain text in logseq. Unfortunately a couple of days ago the text startet to appear in logseq as html. I’d like it to be plain text again. Does anybody have the same problem and/or an idea how to fix this?

I’m using the memex extension of chrome on a Mac (all updated). Memex is on Version 3.3.9.

Thanks a lot!

Hey Peter, apologies that was an oversight of mine when migrating to the new highlights that also capture formatting.
I’ll take care of it asap and let you know when its fixed!

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Thanks a lot for the super fast answer!

Ok had a look at it but something is weird. I actually did not overlook making sure that the HTML is translated into Markdown. I just tested it on my end and that is how it spits it out in Readwise, which you can see in on the double # that i translates a title into markdown.

How does it arrive in readwise for you, can you make me a screenshot of an example?

I just did a new highlight in chrome. In Readwise it still arrives as html:

(Consequently logseq is in html as well.)

I have the same problem
Memex 3.3.12

Huh, so weird! Will have another check and see why it is working for me but not for you folks.

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Hey folks!

Sorry for the delay on this. We already found the bug and will attempt the fix first thing on the list for monday or latest tuesday next week.
Had a big milestone to cover first that had a bit of delay: The slack bot.

Hey folks! We just pushed a fix. Since I couldn’t reproduce it here, can you check if it works on your end now?
Thanks a lot!

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fixed for me! Thanks!