Re-installed Memex Go. Sync reached 200% before I interrupted it!

I am new to Memex.

Firstly, I am trying to use it mostly on Android, on 7-year-old hardware, which is probably a mistake best discussed in another thread/topic, as only Kiwi browser has (partial) support for extensions!

I installed ‘Memex Go’ on another device, and sync seemed to have stopped. It says ‘while app is open’, but it seemed to stop if I tab-switched to another app (Kiwi), or if I let the device sleep, or locked it manually. Restarting the app didn’t seem to restart sync. I didn’t restart the device. Top link was ‘10 days ago’, but new ones created locally could be added successfully.

I uninstalled ‘Memex Go’ and re-installed it, determined to watch the sync count down to ‘0 remaining’ and 100%.
‘Remaining’ went negative, and completion went past 100% and even 200% before I switched away.

I am not seeing duplicates. I have ~3700 items. Seems complete.

I haven’t found ‘Sync Status’ or Search in ‘Memex Go’. Have I overlooked anything?

Installing the extension in Kiwi and syncing went seamlessly, even when I switched to other apps.

Kiwi extensions in Dev Mode lists the Views, but clicking the ‘Inspect Views’ links does nothing. Not your problem.

I am only playing around (beta testing) at the moment.
I might uninstall and reinstall ‘Memex Go’ again, just for fun.

I am not sure if Memex/Kiwi/Android is going to be easy/possible to support. Am I the only pioneer trying that? Kiwi itself seems a bit strange: it doesn’t appear in the list of Android browsers when you share a URL link!

I may not have a problem, feel free to ignore this …


Uninstall in Memex Go was unnecessary.
I can reset the app in Android Settings : Applications.
Delete cache and data.

However, I can usually trigger an incremental sync by logging out, and back in again.
Sometimes twice, so I get the green multi-sync dialog, rather than the login dialog first.

Yandex browser is also trying to support extensions on Android, although ‘Pocket’ says unsupported, even though Yandex lists it!

Seems like it is best to leave Memex sync running - no multi-tasking.

Sync progress counter in Memex definitely needs some attention - progress past 100%, with negating ‘changes remaining’ …


‘Negative’, not negating!

Feature request:
A cloud server-generated backup that could be downloaded as a single file, for fresh install imports, not just as a backup?

Probably more reliable and efficient for both of us, rather than syncing one historical change at a time?