Promnesia: Unified search. Very similar to Memex!

I’m amazed this isn’t mentioned on this forum!

Take a look at this:

The approach here is to take input from multiple sources, index it all and give you just one place to search. The battle against siloed search results.

Thus, this would be like searching in one place in Memex and automatically getting your notes in other systems like Roam or Obsidian.

I prefer it to Memex at the moment because I only have one place to search with it.

Please have a look!

Another key aspect of the design is having the main database as a normal program, free of the restrictions of working solely within the browser, which can’t properly access a filesystem.

I will try promnesia. What I don’t like about Memex is that it stores my data somewhere on their servers. While I would prefer to spend some time on setup but store my data on my machine or in a cloud where only I have keys to it. Btw, mongodb atlas gives up to 5Gb of free storage forever. It’s enough to keep all my history visits for ever in a private database. I’m feed up with paying by my privacy for conveniences. This needs to be stopped. I’m just waiting for when more people will realize it so that it will be possible to join efforts.

Thanks for the MongDB tip. I’m currently using Cryptomator with various unencrypted storage providers and it’s a bit of a fiddle. I’d be very glad to find something that just works.