Processor acceleration at browser startup


I am under Fedora 32 (gnome 3.36) with the browser Vivaldi Snapshot (3.0.1874.27 ).

When I start the browser I have a CPU acceleration. I have to “kill” the extension and then start it again to get back to normal. Have you already experienced this?

It seems like the extension tries to analyse stuff that causes a lot of processing - see the error screen.

@poltak @v.denboer I feel like this is worth something to look into asap too. Any idea where that could come from?

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We do quite a few different things on install, which could indeed cause a lot of resources to be used. We should set a task to go through those different things we need to do on install, consider the impact of each task and think about how we can improve this. Maybe by reprioritizing how and when we run these pieces of code - instead of straight away, some might be fine doing it a little bit later after installation, for example. Or there simply might be some things in there we don’t need to be doing or could be doing in a more efficient way.
I doubt this would take long to look at and improve but maybe good for one person to initially have a go at it, then discuss a bit of a plan with another.

RE the error in that screenshot:
We seem to be encountering this endsWith error all over the place and we keep fixing it but it inevitably shows up again. They seem to be different each time though, just the same resulting error. Sentry has 3 errors like this tracked, 2 of which almost have 3k hits. Those two come from part of the code that doesn’t have sourcemaps for some reason, so it’s hard to track where it’s from, although the third does with >600 hits.

Also a quick search on the codebase gives me ~10 hits. Let’s also create a task to look into these errors - I’m guessing these are not exclusively related the code we run on install.

I think to clarify: This CPU problem is not limited to new installs, but also browser startups.

The endsWidth error definitely needs more investigation.