"Open in page" to //memex.cloud/ct/... link not working on Chromebook with Google Drive PDF Storage

Hi there, not sure if this is the right place for this, I am using memex on a Chromebook and when trying to use the “open in page” functionality of an annotation I get redirected to a link which is not resolvable for chrome. e.g., “https://memex.cloud/ct/791f7bbc02760140b23864e04888d6e6.pdf”. The PDF I am annotating is stored in my Google Drive space.

Am I missing some kind of configuration on my Chrome browser? Not sure what could be the reason for this hope that someone can support me on this.


When I click on the PDF document from the dashboard, the “Drop PDF here to open it” field is showing, I am unable to open annotated PDFs directly by clicking on it in the dashboard.