No search possible - not use froms weeks

I can’t search in memex, before it was ok.

What i can do ?

I use last version on Chrome up to date on a macOS last version up to date.



Hey Lif!

Sorry to hear you are running into troubles.

Which version do you use of Memex and did you maybe recently (manually) update your extensions?
Can you try to deactivate and reactivate the extension and see if the problem persists? (be careful not to delete it)

to do so go to chrom://extensions and switch the toggle on the memex card.

If you enable “developer mode” you can also open the “background page” there.
Would be interesting to see if any errors pop up as soon as you open the search dashboard.
If you can share the screenshots here that would be amazing, thanks!


I use version WorldBrain’s Memex 2.0.7

I toggled off and on.

Thansk for your work, i like your project a lot, and in the past it was very usefull.



Is a solution to keep anterior data in memex ?


screenshots are from here :

its happend when i try to use “imports” and always “Calculating size of history & bookmarks”

Hey Lif!

thanks for the investigations.

We just updated to version 2.0.10, where we potentially solved the issue with the database (it was a regression from another part) Does the problem still persist?


Sorry, yes it persist. I see same type of errors posted in past screenshots.