No Backup button after calculating size

I am attempting my initial manual backup. The backup helper is running At step 3/5 it calculates the size of the backup (253 MB) but there is no button to click to proceed.

I am running Firefox 72.0.2 on windows 10. I have disabled all the blocking add-ons. Here is the console output:


Hey Jeff,

I could reproduce the issue. It was resolved when I went back to the start via the sidebar, or reloaded the page.
Will make sure a fix goes out soon!

Great. In a related problem it seem like the extension cannot detect the backup application on my win 10 desktop when I am at step 1/5, It asks for me to download backup app. After I push the “I’m ready” button, the box goes away for a few seconds then come back. This just keeps repeating. The backup application is running and I have selected a backup folder.

Note if I bounce to the Import page and back then the Data Backup starts at step 2 (Calculate data) which leads to the original problem.
Thanks Jeff

Hey @safe_havens!

We fixed this bug with the backup steps. It will roll out with Memex 2.0 update. Thanks for letting us know about it and your continued help to solve it!

Related to the backup app problem it may be that your browser or operating system is blocking this port, or you have a firewall on.