Merging accounts

Twitso here managed to open two accounts - it gave me a bit of a shock when my bookmarks and notes apparently disappeared into the ether, but it seems that insomnia makes me inattentive and I guess I have used different emails to sign in and have created two accounts.

Sorry about that.

Is there any way to merge the data - there’s not a lot of data and I could probably open to browser windows and move things across manually - but is there a way to send everything from one account to another and then delete the original account?

Hey @Myles

So you used two different Memexes on two browsers/computers, but with different addresses?

Right now there is no ability to properly merge those 2 databases. We’re in the mode of raising more money to build a proper multi-device sync and solve those problems.
Dependent on the answer to the above question there may be a workaround though.

No worries - I obviously used the wrong email to sign up with in the first place and later signed up again thinking I was logging in (a by-product of insomnia) - I shall move bookmarks and notes across, or process them into my reading inbox, and delete the unwanted account. If I can that is.

The issue was not two different browsers as such (though that may have contributed) but rather my having multiple emails and being unable to manage my brain… If you have a remedy, that really would be some trick!

Thanks though…

I have similar issue, I have typo for my account(email) , Is there have any chance to fix it?

@BlackForestBoi please help

Already solved ,thanks all !