Memex not syncing on Ipad

I am not getting the ipad Memex to sync. It just sits there and doesn’t sync. I have let it go up to 45 minutes. The situation is different on the iPhone memex app. Everything synced there quickly and is working fine. iOS is 15.1 and memex app is most current

ok, thanks for the note. Will investigate. Worked on my test fine.

Do you have a lot of data in your extension? How long did it take to sync on your phone?

I don’t have a whole of data. I didn’t really track the iPhone but it didn’t really take that long.

I get the “Syncing your data” ‘This can take a while. Please leave your app open and your device on charge’ It stays on that screen.

can you try it again by logging out in the app (important), then uninstalling and reinstalling it and going through the process again?
Wanna make sure its reproducable.

I deleted the app, rebooted iPad, reinstalled app and began sync again. It ran for about 25 minutes and ended up with an error. I shut down the app, restarted and checked on All saved and it appears items are there. So, I think the issue my have been resolved. Thanks for the reply. I will let you know if there are any issues moving forward.

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I’ll also set up a better error messaging log that users can send us, so we can get faster to fixing those issues!