Memex drops www. from the saved URL

Recently I ran into interesting issue with Memex 1.5.3 on Firefox 72.

It looks like the bookmarks are either saved or presented without the www. subdomain. To reproduce the issue, let’s try some misconfigured website which doesn’t work without www. subdomain but does serve something on the root domain, so the browser won’t redirect me to www. automatically.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Star This Page” in Memex extension
  3. Go to Memex Dashboard
  4. Click the link for that page

Expected behavior: I will be taken to the website I have saved.

Actual behavior: This URL is opened instead: (notice the missing www.) and I see an error:
(It’s Google 404 error apparently because the website is powered by Blogger.)

Arguably the root issue here is misconfigured website which should serve the same content both with and without the www. part.

However if this is actually caused by Memex (and I don’t see any other possible culprit here), I really would expect a bookmarking extension to store the URLs exactly as I provide them and don’t change them in any way.

Thanks for the note @jnv

We could trace down the bug and it’s just the URL that is loaded into the interface that is wrong. In the DB everything is all right.
With the new update we are launching in the next 2 weeks (including the mobile app), those bugs will be removed.

Excellent, I am glad to hear it’s just a UI bug. I will look forward to the update, thank you!