Memex backup application does not pack (fedora linux)


I’m trying to install the backup application for linux but I get the following error message. Any idea of the origin of the problem?


New message.


Indeed really odd. We had some troubles in the past with Linux distros. I have no clue though what this means. It seems like the manifest file that is used to locally package the app has some errors.

We are about to start an overhaul of the backup/sync logic to get rid of the local backup mess, and provide it in an encrypted cloud.

is there anyone with the same problem?

That is to say? I think it’s very important to keep the possibility of working locally. Especially since the only current solution is with Drive…

Yeah I also think that local support should be possible.

We are not sure yet about the overall architecture and how which parts are cloud/local powered.
Depends a lot on our financial means. We’re right now in the mode of raising money to build it.

What we aim to ensure at all steps of the way is that people keep data ownership and users can get their data out anytime.