Maintain paragraphs when highlighting

When highlighting multiple paragraphs (for instance an itemized list), the generated note doesn’t have newlines and all the content is shown in a single line in the dashboard.

It would be nice if these could be shown with line breaks as the original highlighted content.

Agreed. I just came back to Memex after almost a year away from it and stopped using it in 1 minute when I saw that highlights don’t show line breaks, much less formatting like bullet points. I just can’t use it like this.

Adding to this, would indeed be great to have the generated note respect the newlines.

But also allow us to highlight multiple sections of a paragraph and appropriately maintain those highlights. Currently when highlighting multiple sections (holding COMMAND key in Firefox on macOS), the generated text correctly includes all highlighted sections, but the generated highlight only shows the very first section.

Anyways, this is useful when there are convoluted paragraphs and we just want to highlight salient parts into one synthesized note.

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Not retaining HREF links in highlights is a major drawback for our use case of assembling research and learning content