Linux Guide Feedback


Just seem feedback. Not sure if this is the right section, but as there is no feedback section, thought was probably the best :P.

For Linux, whilst it may seem super simple to other people to run a .sh, it is not for everyone. As it is not as common a file type as say flatpak or a .deb or etc.

Something I would recommend for the guide ( is after 4 put in an extra two lines of text from 1. and the first line of 2. from here ( to explain how to run the file. Then explain that the app is now available to be opened from Navigation. Such as 6 being changed to ‘Open the app from Navigation’ (Start Menu).

Great program, thanks.

It has been quite a long time downloaded and installed this file originally and I believe there must have been changes to the Linux installation file you present now for users.

The guide that is the guide you are automatically direct to when downloading the linux version states to download the file. That’s it. And then you have input my advice to put in the .sh link, but there is now no .sh provided in the folder making that redundant. I imagine this file itself has changed in the last six months, or I would not have prior recommended here to input a .sh explanation link.

On github (and on the readme in the .zip) there is an entirely different guide, which conflicts 100% with the guide you recommend to linux users on the website. They state you need node.js, nw.js binary and to run a dependency to install npm to get the program to run at all. So the prior guide should be removed and users told to open their Readme file to learn how to build the program. As it is now not prebuilt, the user must do that themselves.

Asking for a npm install is fine enough, but asking for a nw.js binary seems extreme just to load a program that should be downloaded through snap or flatpak.

If you change the file, you need to actually put the command line arguments to get the files downloaded to the PC. Please be responsible. Sending users to just download the .tar.gz from random places is not a download instruction and these files are not required for all users for just normal pc use and there README guides are filled with a bunch of unnecessary things that you could circumvent by just giving a command line argument such as those presented by geeksforgeeks.

The normal command line you need is not provided in their readme’s because they assume if you are downloading this file, you are a developer who already knows about it and needs this software to build things.

The nw.js binary does not even have a readme file. Their online documentation on the website both seem to be for for developers only. As the same as the above because you are asking front end users to download developer tools to run your program.

"/path/to/nwjs-binary . from the projects folder" your last line of the readme is just crazy. I’m assuming that’s a line making the nwjs pull a file to run from what… the memex folder or the nwjs installation folder? “projects folder” doesnt mean anything.

The github gives you a different download file to the one you download from the website linked by the extension.

When I go into what I assume to be my backup of Memex itself, that I’ve copied over a while ago from my PC before reformat. Looking at the folder, it looks nothing alike to what you are asked to download now. It has an inbuilt .sh file, but of course I cannot get it to run due to needing to run through a proper installer and the file distributed likely to the other areas such as /bin/ and such.

Please provide a detailed download here in the comments, so that I can just restore my backup.