Issues with sync


After 2 months of wrangling with memex and scratching my head on why none of my bookmarks are syncing, I think i finally get a hang of it, albeit the user experience could be better. I do have some questions:

I have 2 computers. One at work and one at home. How do I sync between them?

Also chrome extension help points to which gives dns errors.

It would also be nice if for some reason subscription is cancelled due to payment issue and whatnots, an email is sent to user. Imagine the horror of user after finding out none of his mobile bookmarks are being synced to the laptop for the last 2 months.

Hey @ericblair

Thanks for dropping by here and your questions and bug reports!
Syncing between computers does not work at this point unfortunately.
We are already planning how to do it. 3+(minimum 2 computers + 1 phone) devices sync is non-trivial in an offline-first setting. The basics are there but we need 20-30k more funds to make it solid and reliable.

I got a couple of questions to understand the problem better:

  1. I checked your subscription status and it seems to be all fine. It’s all paid. Do you experience issues with the sync, and assumed it was because of a cancelled subscription?
  2. Does your sync work again? When you say none of your bookmarks were syncing, what was the user experience you expected?

Yep it works fine now thanks. Here are the steps if anyone stumble across this after reinstating their subscription.

  • the syncing will not automatically resume. You have to re-login and reload the memex extension on all devices (desktop and mobile app).
  • Here’s what my experience were. Bookmarked a site on mobile. Went home open laptop and tried to resume my reading. Found bookmark is not there. Press resync. Press reload extension. Doesn’t work. Restart mobile app. Redo bookmark. Doesn’t work. There’s no indication anywhere on dashboard, or email notification that my subscription has been cancelled. After much clicking around trying to uninstall and go back to using pocket, i found the subscription tab that says subscription cancelled. Redo payment. Relogin. Restart extensions. On all devices.

btw still gives dns unresolved.

I am experiencing the same problem. I paired my iPhone and saved a link to the mobile app. Does not show up in my Chrome browser. I checked my subscription status, but everything seems fine (I am still in my trial period but already have entered my billing information). I restarted both the app and my browser, but it didn’t solve the problem. Anything else I could try?


Thanks for dropping by in our forum and taking the time to report this.
Looking at your sync log you seem to have shared with one device (seems like the phone) 4 times on June 5. Did any of those come through at all?

Did you share anything after that with the phone?

When you go to chrome://extensions > enable developer mode > memex > background page > console and then press the “sync now” button in the dashboard, does any error message appear?

Thanks for the help!