Instapaper Import

I see you can import Pocket, how about Instpaper? Or do I need to export from Instapaper to Pocket first?

You can import from any HTML file, independently where it comes from.
In this post it’s explained how to get the file from Instapaper.

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Hmm. I have about 50k URLs, and after importing the first 10k of them every single one has failed. I did read the document about why this happens, but for zero out of 10k pages to fail it seems like something is fundamentally broken with import.

We just pushed a fix for the importer.
Apparently some things the way chrome behaved with doing web requests changed, so that pages requested could CHANGE how subsequent requests behave. Very strange & also undocumented behaviour.

It will be out in the next release. Sorry for the troubles.

@luhmann that original fix only solved part of the issue. The problem was way deeper - but we fixed it now for good. In version 2.0.20 it is fixed. (out already in Firefox, but not Chrome yet, still takes a bit to go through the Store review)

2.0.20 with those fixes is now live in Chrome and Firefox!

We also pushed another update with 2.2.4, further improving the reliability of the importer, and a viewer showing all failed urls with their failure reasons.

About 50% more successful now!