Indexing not working on Firefox

To get your bug fixed faster please try to answer the following questions:

  1. Which browser, operating system and versions of those are you using?
    Browser: Firefox 77.0.1
    OS: Windows 10

  2. What are the steps you took that lead to the bug?

  • Installed Memex add-on
  • Doesn’t index pages I visit. Don’t see pages in memex dashboard
  • Reinstalled the addon, updated firefox, restarted browser and os, nothing helped
  • I use uBlock addon

I have this working perfectly on my other computer with Chrome browser but doesn’t work with Firefox.

That is odd.
for me it works fine on both Firefox and Chrome. I am on the same version than you.

I can’t test Windows though since I am on MacOS.

when you visit a page do you see any error messages popping up in the console?

You can see this here: about:devtools-toolbox?type=extension&

There is a potential solution to uBlock potentially interfering, discovered by @eric in another thread:
Does this change anything for you?

All memex actions fail - "a is undefined"?

Indexing seems to be working fine now. I can see the visited pages in the dashboard.

I did not change anything. Didn’t seem to be anything to do with ublock either. May be between computer restarts it started working. I’ll look out for errors in the console if the issue occurs again and update here.


It’s not indexing PDF pages now. I get below error

Error: “Missing host permission for the tab”

Yeah indexing of PDFs on Firefox does not work properly since Firefox changed some underlying code related to the PDF viewer.
We haven’t gotten around fixing this - but may do that soon as we are merging in the PDF annotations.

This is the real-world pain of building on other people/companies platforms.
There are so many wims and changes in the underlying infrastructure that its sometimes hard to keep up.

That is the reason why we needed to scale down on some features this year and focus on stability. :frowning: