In addition to "Copy PDF URL", suggest adding "Copy PDF Link" (includes text and URL)

Most researchers and many others make use of browser extensions (eg, TabCopy) to copy a browser tab’s “link”, which includes the link text and the URL. This becomes impossible when using Memex, which intercepts the pdf viewing with its own pdf viewer. Though Memex provides the “Copy PDF URL” menu item (handy), a great addition would be “Copy PDF Link”. Even better would be an option to copy both the link and the selected text within the pdf (which such extensions can often do).

If I got you right, you can already!
Made a screen recording:

Here is the template I used:


Unfortunately, this method does not work. The highlights and annotations are copied correctly but the url still has the form: chrome-extension://abkfbakhjpmblaafnpgjppbmioombali/pdfjs/viewer.html?

Is this a bug that has crept in with some update?