Importing bookmarks file from Google Bookmarks fails

Mac Catalina, Google Chrome 84, Memex 2.5.0

Exporting from Google Bookmarks then importing into Memex fails.

Have also tested it with a smaller subset of the bookmarks and it also fails, issue seems to be with the timestamps (Invalid timestamp: 1291103961207575).

It’s too bad since thats all thats preventing me from making a switch.

The 22 that succeeded were browser bookmarks.

Thanks for reporting this. Seems like our importer does not handle the milliseconds expressed by your time stamps. Gonna file a bug so it can be fixed asap - should be a small thing.

Today I am going to have first stab at planning the priorities to fix some of the bugs.
This one is important so I suspect it will end up in a higher priority. Can’t make any promises on when to solve it though.


Hi WorldBrain/Memex contributors and friends,

  1. Import from an HTML file generated from Google Bookmarks (NOT Chrome Bookmarks, but Google Bookmarks) fails 100%. Exact same error (timestamp problem) as reported above.

  2. Since Google Bookmarks will stop working on September 30, 2021, there are many more users who would love to import them to Memex. Can someone look at this defect, please?

  3. Is there any documentation on HTML format for Import from an HTML file?

  4. How can we access the above error report at (or is that link obsolete)? I’m new to WorldBrain/Memex - I’ve just installed it in Firefox and registered the extension instance: got an email from Oli at - but that doesn’t allow me to access that error report).

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There is only 7 days left to escape from Google Bookmark service due to closing it to 30th of September. Could you fix this issue to be able to transfer boomkarks to Memex?


You only have to export them as HTML with google bookmarks, memex enables HTML file import.
Recognising that they are currently broken, just keep the file we are shortly fixing this problem.

On the last stretches for the new multi-device sync and cloud backup. Then a few sprints bug fixings like these.