How to disable memex saving all the bookmarks

I want to use Memex for taking notes, not for arranging my bookmarks.
So everytime I bookmark a site, it gets saved to Memex, is it possible to disable this?

Unfortuantely not possible.

Curious to understand why it is a a problem if pages are in there that are bookmarked, you can still see your notes separate when going to the dashboard and clicking “Notes”.
Is that in some way in your way?

An advantage of having it enabled and just running in the background is that thatyou can full-text search every page you bookmarked, as a fall back to find them again without organising them.

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I am a new user & I have not figured out the use of the full text search yet.
At first, I thought it was huge, but I think I don’t know how to utilize it to it’s full potential.
Could you guide me towards any resource that can help me with it?

For example, I have an article from James Clear & I now search the word ‘inversion’
Now, I get 3 articles that have the word inversion in them. But I will have to go through the whole article to find that reference.

I am sure there must be more to it, I think I don’t know it though.

So for now, the full-text search supports only the act of finding the content.
We know that it would be very useful to also show the text of the result, as well as maybe even jumping straight to the section where the word is you queried.

Would that solve it for you?

Until then you can zoom in on your search by applying the filters for time-frames, tag or domains.

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Yeah, that would be great!
It’s a wonderful tool & it has really changed the way I take notes on the web.

One more question though,
Is it possible to pay via the google play store?

Is this still not possible? Currently there’s no way to bulk delete items and it can become a nightmare to delete items one by one when one tries to organize saved items in collections; use cases:

  • when one bookmarks pages to use on other devices but won’t need them on Memex
  • when one uses an extension like TabStash to organize tabs which relies on bookmark functionality. This is a major issue as Memex, being one-way only, doesn’t delete pages when bookmarks are deleted so all those folders are kept bloating the interface and, probably, cluttering the data/db.

Sample after 2 days of use:

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There needs to be a way to stop this collect every one, and a bulk delete option.

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