How to delete an account?

I didn’t know that Memex account was optional.
However, after finding that out, couldn’t find an option to permanently delete my account.
(I don’t need the sync feature)

You will need that account for sharing things though, and mind that you’ll also have no backup automatically done. Browser databases are brittle and if you e.g. have Firefox are prone to self-eject sometimes.

I’d strongly recommend keeping that account, but of course I can delete it.

Yes, please delete my account.
I prefer to keep data local when possible, and I back up my system on a regular basis, so manual backup works fine for me. I won’t be sharing as well.

Thank you for understanding

Please kindly confirm that my account has been permanently removed from your system.
Thank you.

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done! Account deleted!

Thank you so much!
- Ayah

Hi Oliver,

I need my account deleted as well. Thank you so much!

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