How do I delete everything and start from scratch after enabling sync?

Hi! I just started using Memex and thought it would be a great idea to import all my bookmarks… but, oh boy, was I wrong. I completely underestimated my collection and now I really want to start from scratch. However, I did my onboarding after you introduced the beta version with sync… And I created an account. So I guess my data is stored on one of your servers now. And I haven’t found a “delete account” or “reset” button anywhere.

I would love for this to be resolved soon so that I can really start using this app without being bothered by seeing some random stuff I bookmarked ages ago. :sweat_smile: I guess, it would be really nice to have a reset functionality and/or bulk editing in place but I’m sure you’ve got a lot to work on as is.

Thanks for providing this tool!

Some basic info from my side:
I’m using Firefox 95.0.1 on Ubuntu 20.04 and the app on my Android 10 phone.


Bump? I want to delete my data, please.


Done :slight_smile: Sorry for the delay.

Hey I’m in a similar situation, I had memex installed about a year ago and it seemed that it was saving my entire browsing history! I’d like to be able to just delete all my saved bookmarks and start fresh before I begin syncing, is this possible?

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ah nevermind! I just reinstalled the extension and it got rid of the history

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Is there a fix or a setting for this issue?

I would like to reset my account too. Am I missing any setting @BlackForestBoi

Sorry for the late reply. Can you send me a DM with your email address if you still want this? will take care of it asap.

Sorry for the delay - Trying how I can DM you? I did send a message on the ‘Chat with Support’

I would like documentation for how to accomplish this somewhere.

I am in the same situation. Any help ?

Yea me too actually, also is it possible to batch delete other than one by one selection?