How can I view my tags?

In the dashboard I can easily see all my Collections listed in the left panel. I don’t see any way to view tags, however. If I click on one of the search filters I can see some of the tags, but it isn’t a complete list afaict.

Is there a way to list all my tags?

I asked a related question here a while ago, but I think this is sufficiently different to warrant a new question.

Mhh no, until now not all tags are visible.
Would it be solved for you if the tag picker had an infinite scroll for the tags?

Can you describe a bit what you want to achieve by seeing all tags?

Yeah infinite scroll would solve it for me. What I’d prefer is basically a “My Tags” section that is a peer to the “My Collections” section in the left panel.

Tags have been my main method of grouping my saved pages. I would like to be able to see my list of tags as a kind of sorted view of my Memex content. As-is, I don’t have a good way to even see how I’ve tagged things, so I don’t have good visibility onto one of the aspects I’ve spent the most time curating.

I tried to switch to collections at one point, but either my shortcut got reset or I messed it up myself and I’ve been accidentally creating tags instead of collections for the past few months. I decided to try and manually convert those tags to collections to try and play better within the Memex model, but then I realized that even doing that would be challenging because I can’t enumerate all my tags.

Seconding the request for infinite scroll and a tags browser. Perhaps even a filter method that allows you to check multiple tags to show pages that meet specific criteria.

Primarily using iOS and at the moment cannot seem to scroll to lower tags when adding them. When adding tags to an existing page, once tags exceed the length of the tags section you can only view/select the lower tags via searching them.