How can I get a list of URLs I have saved?

So, I’d like to get a list of URLs I have saved, one on each line, to use it in ArchiveBox (self hosted website saving app).
Is this possible, or in the future? I feel like I can’t get my data out of WorldBrain Memex…

Hey @voarsh2, sorry for the late reply.

We are about to push a new release of the dashboard refactor. You’ll immediately see the difference once it’s released. There you can then copy/paste all search results even if you haven’t used a filter yet. In the current implementation it would only work if you have selected a collection.

This way you then add a new template that you fill with {{{PageUrl}}} and thats it. That will produce a list of all urls. You could also add the title or so as you wish.

Seems that the new dashboard hasn’t been rolled out properly yet.

I’ve started a trial, seeing how that goes. :slight_smile:

Yep its out since a couple of days. This is how it looks and where you can get the copy paster to access all your links. You get to the dashboard when you’re on at least version 2.16.0, and then go to the memex icon in the extension top bar, then “Open Dashboard”.

Looks nice - how can I get the extension to update?

Should automatically happen, or force update all your extensions in FF (about:addons) or Chrome (chrome://extensions)

This looks very cool!

Wow, this worked for me but it produced almost 8k URLs. That’s way, way more than I’ve saved in Memex. Is this all the URLs that I’ve browsed while Memex was installed?

I am not sure how long you have Memex installed, but you’ve been here in the forum since June 2020, and we deprecated the history search in September '20.

So presumably there was a period where it still indexed your history, and thus, it makes sense that those 8k urls are there.

If that already takes a toll on your systen, the good news is that we’re already working on the multi-device sync and in the migration process let you clean out your passive data (pages you never interacted with in the form of saves, annotations, tags or collections). This should greatly speed up the extension and provide better results.