Hangs on upload backup, cannot access local backup option

To get your bug fixed faster please try to answer the following questions:

  1. Which browser, operating system and versions of those are you using?
    Firefox 88, Ubuntu 20.04

  2. Which version of Memex are you running

  3. What are the steps you took that lead to the bug?
    Just tried to create a backup.

Hello Abhishek,

Would you be interested to hop on a call with me and do some bug hunting on this?
Otherwise we can do things async but will be slower to resolve.
Maybe we try it with 15min? calendly.com/worldbrain


Unfortunately, ive uninstalled the extension. Things are just too rough around the edges RN.

That being said, while I don’t want to purchase the pro account, is there any crowdfunding thing I can contribute to? I really like the thing you’re building

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and desire to support us.

We’re working right now on developing our supporter plan (similar to Roam’s believer plan) that would make that possible. Will let you know here when thats the time.

Where are other rough edges you experience? To understand that would immensely help us right now.