Exporting content in various formats

Could a direct plaintext export, including hyperlinks to nontext local media, be possible?
Orgmode would be my choice, and markdown, but something that could be parsed through pandoc to get into the desired format, would be highly appreciated.

Please could you also consider the export of highlights and typed annotations and possibly even non text files, for zotero, where they maybe filed next to their associated indexed file (admittedly usually a pdf but zotero has broader options in its reference management toolkit).
As a model, for example, similar to the way ZotFile does for non webbased pdfs.
This clearly is a gewat facility but memex could really explode this by sending this linked exported data, from sources not just limited to pdfs and plain text, into a reference management system like zotero, to be organise and later exported, perhaps into orgmode for a fully indexed and hypelinked outline.

I second this request for exporting content.
In particular, exporting highlights and annotations is what I currently miss the most in Memex. The more universal the format (plaint text, markdown, rtf) the better, and it would be great if the URL was included.

Good news: We just released our developer alpha of StorexHub, with which you can build your own export/import mechanism already. You can decide the data structure, what is exported, even a UI to do so yourself.
If you want guidance beyond the tutorial linked above, @v.denboer, is the right person to talk to.

We will likely provide them at some point dedicated exporters for common formats though.

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What’s the use case and workflow you would like to use those exported annotations and highlights in?

StorexHub sound very promising! There have been good API integrations in the cloud space, but we’ve been missing an IFTTT / Zapier for Desktop, for more personal use, with the increased privacy that is provided offline. I think that different apps have different strengths, but offline integration is still for the most part a very convoluted and time-consuming process. It looks like StoerxHub promises to address this.

From what I read in the documentation, the workflow is a bit too technical for me, but I will keep exploring it.

Mainly, being able to access them from my offline knowledge base (currently in DevonThink) and connect them to my personal notes, indexes and databases. Then, being able to see the context of what I was browsing whenever I search for terms that appear in those annotations/highlights.

The workflow I was envisioning was:

  1. Highlight and annotate with Memex anything I find interesting on the web.
  2. Export those highlights and annotations to my knowledge base as txt, md or rtf files including the URL as a string in the documents themselves.
  3. Perform searches and queries across both my personal notes and my web highlights and annotations, from my knowledge base.
  4. Connect highlights to ideas and entities in my knowledge base.
  5. Be able to see the context of what I was browsing when I created those annotations and highlights.

I already do something similar via DevonThink’s web clipper. I clip the content I find interesting and the URL is automatically added to the entry. But when I visit the website again I don’t have a way of seeing what I’ve previously clipped. So, right now I’m both highlighting in Memex and clipping with the DT clipper. An export with the highlighted text, the annotations and the URL would streamline the workflow.

I will look into StoerxHub.

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From what I read in the documentation, the workflow is a bit too technical for me, but I will keep exploring it.

Indeed, StorexHub is at this point still for people with a bit of dev experience.
With enough funding we aim to make it a non-technical user friendly experience where the plugins of the community can be installed more easily. If you want to help us get there, we just opened an OpenCollective for this.

What is your level of technical skill? How would you describe an experience that you would be able to use? Wordpress plugins?

Wordpress plugins is a good parameter. Also, linking and rolling up databases in Notion / Coda.io, and Drafts / Workflow actions in iOS. Basically, graphical user interfaces where you don’t have to worry too much about syntax as the UI does this work for you.

StorexHub sounds very promising and I hope you get more funding. I’ve done a small contribution in OpenCollective and I hope I can be in the position to contribute more later.

Thanks so much @ItsEd for you support :heart:
If we make it work then its surely because people like you believed and supported these efforts so early on!

@v.denboer maybe you can give a bit of insight into how you envision linking between different databases?

I came here just to mention this! I may create my own thread about it, but I’m specifically interested in exporting Memex bookmarks into Firefox/Chrome bookmarks, or turn any given group (All my bookmarks, pages that share given tag(s), a collection) into an HTML file.

I’d like to be able to export my annotations as MD files (since it’s the most readable), with it using same formatting as is available here on this Discourse forum.

Code blocks using ``` for the highlighted text with the annotations below them. One markdown file for each page, with the webpage URL/ID stored at the top of the file in a commented out metadata area.


Hi I just discovered Memex yesterday and i am really excited by it. It seems like just what I have been looking for.

However similar to ItsEd above I am looking for a way to:
Export the URL, Highlights, my notes and tags for each page i favourite all into one document so I can easily see all I have written and “quoted”(highlighted). Is this possible?

My bad i have found the “Copy” link Thanks very much

If you haven’t seen the TextExporter tutorial: https://worldbrain.io/tutorials/text-exporter