Error Loading the site (page) - SSL error: Hostname mismatch(2)

Appeared to save webpage in Memex from my browser as usual.
Returned to Memex to open the page to annotate and got the following Error Message when I clicked on the entry:

Error Loading Page
The page could not be loaded because of an error: SSL error: Hostname mismatch

Unable to find solution here or on web.
Can anyone help?
Thank you.

Device and software info as requested

  1. Android - Oppo Reno Z - Android 11, Colour OS version 11.1
  2. Memex v. 1.9.1
  3. saved web page as usual

Hey Bronfoth,

I assume the page you saved has a url starting with http:// not https://, right?

Unfortunately the package we are using is not allowing to load non-SSL pages and the authors for some reason won’t implement a fix. Unless we rebuild the app in natively for iOS and Android we won’t be able to fix this.

Will update you when that happens.