Does uninstalling the extension delete data?

Hi, I recently started using Memex to clear space in my Firefox bookmarks, removed links from bookmarks and saved them in Memex with categories, tags…
Yesterday I decided that Firefox was slow for the last time and did the recommended refresh. Unfortunately now all the things I saved in Memex are gone and I have no backup.

Is the stuff not linked to your Memex account ? Is there any way for me to recover all the links ?
During the refresh I feared I would lose all my normal firefox bookmarks so I downloaded an “Old Firefox Data” folder, is it possible to recover the stuff with that ? (Didn’t end up needing it because the normal bookmarks were actually preserved)

When you say “I did a refresh” how did you do that?

Is the stuff not linked to your Memex account ?

there is no memex “account”. Memex is an offline-first product. All data is stored locally.

This is what I did :


ok I just got a little heart attack when you wrote your first message but this is not a failure of Memex per se.
It’s a failure of our communication though.

What you did was wipe your entire firefox, that includes, as your article states all extensions and addons.

Memex is an offline first product, so if you delete the extension you delete all its data with it. We mention it on the website and onboarding process but we need to make this more clear then.

I changed the title as it reflects more the content of this request.

The weird thing is that extensions were not uninstalled, I think this is because I synchronized my Firefox account. To be more precise, I didn’t reinstall them, yet they are still there.