Do you pay for any Memex Upgrade currently? If not what is missing for you?

We don’t take venture capital investments so we never get into the trap of producing free services for growth and in exchange of your data that can be monetised. Therefore it important for that we build a service that is valuable enough that people want to pay for it.

What are the features (or other things) missing that would make you pay for Memex?

I’m on the fence about paying. Memex to me is effectively an infinite length browser history, with proper indexing so I can go back and find things I’ve seen in the past. The two issues are:

  • Have to manually add items via the ‘share’ system on mobile
  • No syncing between multiple browsers

I can live with the mobile thing, but lack of sync between browsers seriously limits the utility. Whether you talk about Chrome and sync via google account, or Firefox Sync, the use expectation is now that things will magically sync so that you don’t care which PC you’re on. All you need to do is log in once, and everything appears. Memex at the moment doesn’t meet that expectation.

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Yes, I feel the same way. That is also the reason why I am not yet ready to pay for the whole thing, even if I otherwise like it a lot.

I use PC at work and at home. So sync between those two (and of course mobile). When that will be available I’ll upgrade immediately.

When reading mode, bulk edit, and full text search features are fully functional offline, I’d be happy to pay for Memex. As of now, Pocket’s free chrome app is sufficient for offline mode for me, but lacks most of what Memex is planning.

Still, Memex seems more focused on data/info to me, so some sort of integration with OneNote, where I store all the information turned into real knowledge, would be amazing.

Not sure if I’m paying. Would love to, but I am under the impression that the payment system didn’t do its job :slight_smile: