Disabling per site

Is there a way to disable the plugin on a per-site basis. I see a few very old requests, but wasn’t sure if anything had been done. When the plugin is enabled, darklang.com is completely non-functional. Disable the plugin and its all good.

Thanks for the note. Yeah we’re probably bringing back the blocklist, but limit it to not inject anything in those pages that are blocked. Previously it was just for the indexing, but now also all the UI components should not show up.

Will add this to the task as input, but have no idea when we’ll get to it. :frowning:

Yeah, this is really bothering me. Vimium has the best solution to this, which is that you can click the icon and disable the extension for the current site. On some sites the annotate button that appears on selection is quite obtrusive and annoying.

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