Dark mode UI (for night owls)

Hey there,
I really like this app & thinking of moving all my bookmarks & everything there…
But I would really appreciate a dark mode :pleading_face:
Everything is in dark mode on my devices… and sadly not even Midnight Lizard can color the app since it is an add-in page.


I would also appreciate a dark mode. It is even so important for me (and I think for many other “power users”) that I have been looking for alternatives that offer a dark mode. But obviously, there are no real alternatives haha

Dev’s, please hear our prayers


I find it hard to believe this is still not a feature, the most basic apps and extensions have a dark mode. I really like memex alot, but honestly might not be able to use it because it’s blinding for me.

I use dark reader extension. Whenever I open memex, I prepare to be blinded.

Go to edge://flags/#enable-force-dark (or its equivalent on a chromium flavored browser) and set force dark mode to enabled with simple HSL based inversion.

Does that help?


This is epic. Didn’t know about this.
Thanks @heuristicmed!

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