CopyPage template syntax

For copying template formats (Dashboard > CopyPage >Copy/Paste Templates), how can I add a placeholder syntax for the {Author of the web article} and {Date of the web article} of the webpage which will follow [title] (url)?

Hey @uilliam!

Also noted as an improvements to the TextExporter. Unfortunately not available yet, but is relatively easy to add.
Once the multi-device sync launches, we aim to do a month long sprint for fixing such low hanging fruits, and UX issues. This seems ideal to get fixed.

Author will be a bit more tricky because its information we don’t save yet.

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@BlackForestBoi : any progress on this issue?

Good news:

  • Date is now available as of V3.2.10.

Author not yet since we don’t parse this out yet.

Using version 3.2.13. What’s the syntax? {{{Date}}} and {{Date}} and {Date} and ({{{Date}}}) all not working.

Is fixed now, sorry about that: Text Export Templates

Thank you. How do I get rid of the time that follows the Date; I just want the Date of the article?

Not implemented yet, will take it up as a suggestion to add!